MHP-based SCORM Contents Trans-Coding System for DiTV Service

DiTV 서비스를 위한 MHP 기반의 SCORM 콘텐츠 트랜스코딩 시스템

  • 임승현 (㈜)유니텍) ;
  • 이시화 (경원대학교 전자계산학과) ;
  • 황대훈 (경원대학교 소프트웨어대학 인터넷미디어학과)
  • Published : 2007.05.30


Recently, digital convergence, whose core demand is OSMU (One Sourse Multi Use),has been the main topic in e-learning domain and industry. However, the existing web learning content and the new resource developed toprovide contents to different learning environment must be processed to adapt the new learning settings, which causes the cost and time problem, So in this paper we design and implement a Java based SCORM content transcoding system which can transcode the SCORM-based learning content into MHP-based DiTV content in order to adapt t-learning environment using DiTV, which is closer to our real life. Using this system which has ability of inter-operation, reuse, highly-use, the problem mentioned above can be solved well. Moreover, it is possible for a learner who is not familiar with computer to study using DiTV instead of PC.