The Development of Topographic Feature Extraction Method by use of the Seafloor Curvature Measurement

곡률 계산에 의한 해저면 지형요소 추출 기법 개발

  • Kim, Hyun-Sub (Deep-sea Resources Research Division, Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute) ;
  • Jung, Mee-Sook (Deep-sea Resources Research Division, Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute) ;
  • Park, Cheong-Kee (Deep-sea Resources Research Division, Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute)
  • 김현섭 (한국해양연구원 심해연구사업단) ;
  • 정미숙 (한국해양연구원 심해연구사업단) ;
  • 박정기 (한국해양연구원 심해연구사업단)
  • Published : 2007.08.31


A seafloor curvature measurement method was developed to extract redundant topographic features from the multi-beam bathymetry data, and then applied to the data of abyssal plain area in the Pacific. Any seafloor might be modeled to a quadratic surface determined in a linear least squares sense, and its curvature could be derived from the eigen values related with quadratic model parameters. The curvature's magnitude as well as polarity showed distinct relationship with geometric characteristics of the seafloor like as ridge and valley. From the investigation of curvature's variation with the number of data in the quadratic surface, the optimal size of data aperture could be applied to real bathymetry data. The application to real data also required the determination of the accompanying threshold values to cope with corresponding topographic features. The calculation method of previous studies were reported to be sensitive to the background noise. The improved curvature measurement method, incorporating the sum of eigen values has reduced unwanted artifacts and enhanced ability to extract lineament features along strike direction. The result of application shows that the curvature measurement method is effective tool for the estimation of a possible mining area in the seamount free abyssal hill area.


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