The Effect of Misch Metal on the Microstructure of Rapidly solidified Ag-Sn-In Alloys

급속응고한 Ag-Sn-In 합금의 미세조직에 미치는 Misch Metal의 영향

  • 장대정 (한양대학교 금속재료공학과) ;
  • 남태운 (한양대학교 금속재료공학과)
  • Published : 2007.06.01


Because of a good wear resistance and a stable contact resistance, Ag-CdO is widely used as electrical contact material. But, the Cd-oxide mainly exists as a coarse particle and adversely affected to environment. As a reason, $Ag-SnO_2$ alloy has been developed. The Sn-oxide maintains stable and fine particle even at high temperature. In order to investigate the effect of Misch metal (Mm) additional that affects the formation of the oxide and the formation of fine matrix Ag, we studied the microstructures and properties of Ag-Sn-In(-Mm) material fabricated by rapid solidification process. The experimental procedure were melting using high frequency induction, melt spinning, and internal oxidation. The Mm addition makes Ag matrix more fine than no Mm addition. The reason is that the addition of Misch metal decreased a latent heat of fusion of alloy, as a result the rapid solidification effect of alloy is increased. The maximum hardness shows at 0.3 wt%Mm. after that the hardness is decreased until 0.4 wt% Mm, but still larger than no Mm addition alloy. At 0.5 wt% Mm alloy, the precipitation of Misch metal causes a decrease of hardness than no Mm addition alloy.


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