The Luminescent Properties of Red OLED Devices Doped with Two Dopants

2원 첨가 적색 OLED 소자의 발광특성

  • Published : 2007.06.01


To invest the luminescent characteristics of red light emitting OLED device, a dual dopant system was incorporated into the emitting layer. The multiple layer OLED device structure was $ITO(1500\;{\AA})/HIL(200\;{\AA})/a-NPD(600\;{\AA})/EML(300\;{\AA})/Alq_3(200\;{\AA})/LiF(7\;{\AA})/Al(1800\;{\AA})$. The concentrations of the rubrene dopant were tested at 0 vol.%, 3 vol.%, 6 vol.% and 9 vol.%. The maximum device efficiency and life time were obtained at the rubrene dopant concentration of 6 vol.%. Emission spectrum and color coordinate of devices showed no relationship with rubrene dopant concentration. Experiment results show that rubrene dopant absorbs energy from $Alq_3$ host and transfer it to RD1 dopant acting as an energy intermediate and influencing the device efficiency, finally the red light is emitted from the RD1 dopant.



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