Electrical Characteristics and Fabrication of NiCr/NiCrSi Alloy Film for High Precision Thin Film Resistors

고정밀급 박막저항을 위한 NiCr/NiCrSi박막의 제조 및 전기적 특성

  • 이붕주 (인하대학교 전기공학과 기능성박막연구실)
  • Published : 2007.06.01


In order to acquire fundamental informations to fabricate high precision thin film resistors, NiCr/NiCrSi alloy films were prepared using Ni and Cr targets. Effect of composition on the electrical properties of the NiCr/NiCrSi alloy film were then investigated. Considering the effect of Si doping on the electrical and material characteristics, the lower TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance) values could be achieved for samples with Ni/Cr ratio of $0.8{\sim}1.5$ (in a range of relative higher specific resistivity and Cr composition of $40\;wt%{\sim}55\;wt%$) and with Si doping. Consequently, the sample prepared using a DC power showed a good TCR of $-25\;ppm/^{\circ}C$, which implies that increase of specific resistivity and decrease of TCR would be achieved more efficiently not for Ni-Cr binary material but for Si doped Ni-Cr ternary material, and not using RF power but using DC power in the sputtering process.


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