Terbia Addition Effects on Accelerated aging Characteristics of (Pr, Co, Cr)-doped ZnO Varistors

(Pr, Co, Cr)-doped ZnO 바리스터의 가속열화특성에 테르비아 첨가효과

  • 남춘우 (동의대학교 전기공학과)
  • Published : 2007.06.01


The electrical properties and stability of $ZnO-Pr_6O_{11}-CoO-Cr_2O_3-based$ varistors were investigated for different $Tb_4O_{11}$ amounts in the range of $0{\sim}1.0\;mol%$. As the $Tb_4O_{11}$ amount increased, the sintered density increased in the range of $99.1{\sim}101.1%$ of theoretical density and the average grain size decreased in the range of $7.7{\sim}4.8{\mu}m$. The varistor voltage increased in the range of $280.9{\sim}715.8V/mm$ and the nonlinear coefficient increased in the range of $26.4{\sim}44.4$ with the increased of $Tb_4O_{11}$ amount. The 0.25 mol% $Tb_4O_{11}$-doped varistors exhibited the high electrical stability, with -0.1% in variation rate of varistor voltage, -0.7% in variation rate of nonlinear coefficient, and +17.4% in variation rate of leakage current for specified dc accelerated aging stress of $0.95V_{1mA}/150^{\circ}C/24h$.


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