Modeling Adaptive Context-Based Contents Navigation of Web Applications

웹 응용의 적응하는 문맥 기반 컨텐츠 항해 모델링

  • Published : 2007.03.31


Web Applications are rapidly increasing and the structure becomes very complicated. However, when users explore such complex Web applications, they cannot often grasp the current location and get the information that they want. Therefore, a novel approach to model the navigation of Web application contents is required. In this study, a framework has been presented for modeling adaptive context-based contents navigation of Web applications. The framework performs activities including navigation analysis, navigation design, and navigation realization. first, in navigation analysis domain is analyzed by using use case, focusing on navigation. Next, in navigation design three models have been produced: a navigation information model, a profile, and a navigation interface model. Finally, in navigation realization a Webpage navigation model and a component navigation model have been produced. In this work, several formal definitions and rules for checking validity of navigation model have also been provided.