Verifying a Method of Qualitatizing Qualitative Factors of BSC

BSC의 정성적요인 계량화 검증 방법

  • Published : 2007.04.30


For a more convenient deduction of the weighted values in AHP of BSC using a spread sheet program, this study derived each weighted values through single and group calculations and it also compared the two calculations to verify mutual identities. Pairwise comparison is generally used in measuring performance of corporations or government organizations, but, many researches have been done without reliability verification due to difficulty in the deduction of weighted value. This trend, like using a wrong measurement, result in defective result of BSC. Therefore, this study presents various methods of single and group case measurement using spread sheet so that it can be utilized in practice. Thus, I expect this study's result be availed in BSC consulting or research of public organizations that have difficulty in measuring qualitative factors.


Measuring Organization;BSC(Balanced Score Card);Weighted Value;Measuring Performance;AHP(Analytic Hierarchy Process);Pairwise Comparison;Qualitative Factors;Verification