An Empirical Study on the KREN's Performance and Anticipated Effectiveness

한국교육전산망 성과와 효과 예측에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2007.04.30


KREN(Korean Education Network), supported by government fur 20 years, had been operated and connected to many educational institutions from elementary schools to universities. From 2001, This network has been operated by a commercial network consignment organization and started to offer superb infrastructures to access various educational information conveniently. This network contributes development of Korean Information technology and promotes solidarity among educational institutions as well. Despite this achievement, KREN's effectiveness is not well recognized. Therefore, performance analysis study was carried out on KREN's achievement to verify its effectiveness, this study was to justify government's continuous support and also to find effective. This study was to justify government's continuous support and also to find effective ways of operations and maintenance fur the next step of KREN. Over 100 organizations were surveyed for performance analysis and we analyzed its results and anticipated effectiveness in this study. Cost, contribution, quality and performance were examined fur satisfaction analysis and each institution's number of students, network experiences were used as independent variables fer regression analysis to figure out effectiveness of the network. This study's result provides much information for further research which will help in the development of educational policies and maximizing KREN's effectiveness.


Korean Education Network(KREN);Physical Layer;Commercial network;Effectiveness;Performance analysis