Behaviors of Internally Confined Hollow Reinforced Concrete Piers by Thickness of Internal Steel Tube

내부 강관 두께에 따른 내부 구속 중공 RC 교각의 거동

  • Published : 2007.04.30


An infernally confined hollow reinforced concrete pier (ICH RC pier) is hollow RC pier which has a internal steel tube to enhance its ductility and stiffness by internal confinement. In this study, the internal steel tube were changed to investigate the behavior of ICH RC pier. The behavior of internally confined hollow reinforced concrete piers were evaluated with safety ratio, ductility, total material cost, the total weight of the pier, etc. As a result of analytical study, the usage of a minimum necessary thickness of the internal steel tube the most effective. The ICH RC pier has decrease of weight compare to Solid RC pier.


강관 보강;중공 교각;내부 강관;강관 두께