Image Enhancement Techniques for UT - NDE for Sizing and Detection of Cracks in Narrow Target

초음파 비파괴 평가를 위한 협소 타깃의 크랙 사이징 및 검출을 위한 영상 증진기술

  • Lee, Young-Seock (Dept. of Digital Broadcasting & Electronics Eng., Chungwoon Univ.) ;
  • Nam, Myoung-Woo (Dept. of Electronic Design and PCB, Hyejeon College) ;
  • Hong, Sunk-Wan (Dept. of Electronic Design and PCB, Hyejeon College)
  • Published : 2007.04.30


In this paper describes image enhancement technique using deconvolution processing for ultrasonic nondestructive testing. When flaws are detected fur B-scan or C-scan, blurring effect which is caused by the moving intervals of transducer degrades the quality of images. In addition, acquisited images suffer form speckle noise which is caused by the ultrasonic components reflected from the grain boundary of material (1,2). The deconvolution technique can restore sharp peak value or clean image from blurring signal or image. This processing is applied to C-scan image obtained from known specimen. Experimental results show that the deconvolution processing contributes to get improved the quality of C-scan images.


Ultrasonic nondestructive testing;speckle noise;image;deconvolution