Development of Image Processing Software for UT-NDE of Steam Generator of Nuclear Power Plant

핵발전소 증기발생기의 초음파 비파괴 평가를 위한 영상처리 소프트웨어 개발

  • Lee, Young-Seock (Dept. of Digital Broadcasting & Electronics Eng., Chungwoon Univ.) ;
  • Nam, Myoung-Woo (Dept. of Electronic Design and PCB, Hyejeon College)
  • Published : 2007.04.30


This paper describes a development of ultrasonic examination analysis software to analyze steam generator of nuclear power plant. The developed software includes classical analysis method such as A, B, C and D-scan images. This software provides the information of shape, depth, size and position of flaws. To do such, we obtain raw data from specimens and/or real pipeline of power plants and, modify the obtained ultrasonic 1-dimensional data according to prepared software design schedule. The developed analysis software is applied to specimens containing various flaws with known dimensions. The results of applications showed that the developed software provided accurate and enhanced images of flaws on various specimens.


ultrasonic examination analysis;nuclear power plant;A B and C scan images