The Embodiment of GAS Pressure Controller for Temperature Control of Sing Crystal $(Al_2O_3)$ Growing Furnace

단결정$(Al_2O_3)$ 성장 노(爐)의 온도 조절용 GAS압력 제어기의 구현

  • 조현섭 (청운대학교 전자공학과)
  • Published : 2007.04.30


It is a quite quality concerning to control the temperature of single crystalline growth as it does when we get most of heat treating products. It is also important factor to control the temperature when we make the $Al_2O_3$(single crystalline) used to artificial jewels, glass of watches, and heat resistant transparent glasses. Thus, it is a major interest to get the proper temperature in accordance with the time process while we are making mixture of oxygen and hydrogen to have the right temperature. In this paper, we will study of electrical valve positioning system with DC-Motor for the gas mixture to improve the quality of products.


Single Crystal;DC-Motor;A/D Converter