Wear and Friction Characteristics with $MoS_2$ Adding in Automotive Gear Oil

자동차 기어오일의 $MoS_2$ 첨가에 따른 마찰마모 특성

  • 오성모 (중부대학교 자동차관리학과)
  • Published : 2007.04.30


In the case of gear oil which is used under severe running condition in automotive, the various additives is used fur increasing the ability of enduring against seizure. In this paper, the wear and friction characteristics observed using the Falex friction and wear test machine in adding the $MoS_2$ to auto gear oil. As the result of experimentation, the friction and wear characteristics is the most excellent in adding concentration range of the $MoS_2\;2.5{\sim}5wt.%$.


Lubrication;Gear Oil;Friction;Wear;Anti-wear;Extreme-Pressure;Additive;$MoS_2$