Improvement of EPC Class-1 Anticollision Algorithm for RFID Air-Interface Protocol

무선인식 프로토콜의 EPC 클래스-1 충돌방지 알고리즘 개선

  • Published : 2007.04.28


In this paper, Class-1 Air-interface protocols of EPCglobal applied to RFID system in UHF band are analyzed, and the standard anticollision algorithms are realized. Also, the improved anticollision algorithms of the Class-1 Generation-1 and Generation-2 protocol are proposed and the performances of anticollision algorithms are compared. As the results, reduction ratio of total tag recognition time of the improved Generation-1 algorithm is 54.5% for 100 tags and 63.4% for 1000 tags with respect to standard algorithm, respectively. And the reduction ratio of the improved Generation-2 algorithm is 7.9% for 100 tags and 11.7% for 1000 tags. Total recognition times of the improved algorithms are shorter than those of standard algorithms according to increasing the number of tag. Therefore, the improved anticollision algorithm proposed in this paper is the advanced method improving the performance of tag recognition in the RFID system.


UHF Band Protocol;Anti-Collision Algorithm;Performance of Tag Recognition