Effects of Pork on Feeding on Detoxification Process in Rats Intoxicated with Lead

돼지고기 급여가 납에 중독된 흰쥐의 해독과정에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2007.06.30


To investigate the detoxification effect of pork on the lead toxicity, the comparison tests were performed, in which Sprague Dawley(SD) rats were clinically treated with lead during the first 7 weeks and observed the detoxification effects induced by pork feeding during the second 7 weeks. As results of lead intoxication, decreases of body weight, hemoglobin and hematocrit and the increases of weight and relative organ weight of liver and kidney were observed. Also the accumulation of lead in tibia, kidney and liver was recognized. In case of pork feeding at detoxification stage the feed efficiency was significantly increased in pork feeding group rats than the those of control rats. The pork feeding seemed to be a factor affecting relative organ weight of liver and kidney(p<0.05). It was shown that the factors affecting the accumulation of lead in liver included the lead intoxication(p<0.0005), pork feeding(p<0.0005) and interaction of above two(p<0.0005). It was observed that the content of DALAD in liver increased with significance in pork fed group compared with control group regardless of lead treatment levels. From this result, it was considered that pork feeding improved the detoxification process of SD rats intoxicated with lead.


Pb;Pork;Lead accumulation;Intoxication


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