Allele Frequency of the Bovine Y-chromosomal Microsatellite Locus in the Cattle Breeds

소 Y 염색체 특이 Microsatellite를 이용한 품종별 대립유전자 빈도 분석

  • Yoon, D. (National Institute of Animal Science, Suwon R. D. A.) ;
  • Park, E.W. (National Institute of Animal Science, Suwon R. D. A.) ;
  • Cho, Y.M. (National Institute of Animal Science, Suwon R. D. A.) ;
  • Cheong, I.C. (National Institute of Animal Science, Suwon R. D. A.) ;
  • Im, S.K. (National Institute of Animal Science, Suwon R. D. A.)
  • Published : 2007.08.31


The INRA124 is a bovine Y-chromosomal specific microsatellite locus that has been revealed a polymorphism. This locus has two alleles. The 132 bp allele is specific to cattle (humpless) of taurine origin and the 130 bp allele is specific to cattle (humped) of indicine origin. A total 822 males of 20 breeds or populations; North Eastern Asian breeds (Hanwoo, Korean Black cattle, Chik-so, CBK, Japanese Black cattle, Japanese Brown cattle, Yanbian cattle), Chinese yellow cattle (Luxi cattle, Nanyang cattle), European origin (Angus, Hereford, Charolais, Simmental, Brown swiss, Holstein, Limousin), African origin (Kavirondo zebu, White Fulani, crossbreed of N'Dama and Boran), Indian origin (Sahiwal) were characterized the distribution of alleles using INRA124 locus. Any individuals of European, Japanese origins and Hanwoo were not detected 130 bp allele, Bos indicus specific allele. Bos indicus breeds of Indian and African origins were not detected 132 bp allele, Bos taurus specific allele. CBK population that the crossbreed of Hanwoo, Brahman and Charolais showed the frequency of 0.19 in indicine specific allele. The breeds of Chinese mainland, Luxi and Nanyang cattle were detected 0.46 and 0.29 frequencies in indicine specific allele, respectively. These results suggest that Korean cattle, Hanwoo, had not been originated from a crossbred between Bos primigenius in Europe and Bos indicus in India.


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