Estimation of Growth Traits Using Growth Curve in Gyungnam-heugdon (Berkshire)

경남흑돈(버크셔)에서 성장곡선을 이용한 성장형질의 추정

  • Do, C.H. (Gyungnam Swine Research Institute)
  • Published : 2007.04.30


The growth traits in swine are economically important, which are measured by gain in weight during test period or by age of days to certain weight. However, the difference in growth rate due to individual performance and also other factors occurs. The more reasonable estimation of the measurements of these traits provides the less error in genetic evaluation of pigs. The data from 1,576 heads being weighed periodically of Gyungnam-heugdon(Berkshire) were analyzed to estimate the growth curve which is used to decide average daily gain and days to 90kg. It may not be possible to directly compare accuracy between the conventional methods and the alternative methods. However, the alternative methods by growth curve would be superior to the conventional methods not only in theoretical background, but also in acceptability for diverse factors such as breed, sex and age. The theoretical superiority of the alternative methods comes from estimation at same age in daily gain and calculation of additional days from measuring date to days to 90kg by growth curve of individual. Also this can be easily adopted in a computer system according to breed and sex.


Growth curve;Daily gain;Days to 90kg;Estimation


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