Comparative Analysis of Melanin Contents in Hairs among Cattle Breeds

소의 모발 멜라닌 색소 함량의 품종별 비교 분석

  • Published : 2007.02.28


To characterize the colorization patterns of bovine hairs, the melanin contents were quantitatively assayed and compared among cattle breeds. The total melanin levels measured by spectrophotometric assay (A500) from Jeju Black cattle were significantly lower than those from Holstein or Angus with black coat color but significantly higher than those from Hanwoo with yellow coat color or Angus and Holstein with red coat color (P<0.001). The total melanin levels from Hanwoo were significantly lower than those from Red Angus and Red Holstein but significantly higher than those from Hanwoo×Charolais crossbred (P<0.001). The relative ratios of eumelanin to pheomelanin (A650/A500) were 0.382, 0.359, 0.112 and 0.124 in Angus, Jeju Balck cattle, Red Holstein and Hanwoo, respectively. These results show that the spectrophotometric method provides a convenient way to qualitatively characterize hair melanin and may be useful for studying expression of major coat color genes in Hanwoo and Jeju Black cattle.


Melanin;Eumelanin;Spectrophotometer;Cattle hair;Breed


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