Breed Effects of Terminal Sires on Carcass Traits and Real Retail Cut Yields in Commercial Pig Industry

종료웅돈이 비육돈의 도체성적 및 부분육 실중량에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2007.02.28


Data of 369 commercial pigs produced from YorkshrexLancrace (YL F1) sows crossed with either Duroc (D), Berkshire (B) or BerkshirexDuroc(BD F1) as a terminal sire were used for the comparison of carcass garde and real retail cut yield. The crosses were performed between May, 2004 and May, 2006 at three interrlated farms belonging to the Gyeongam pork brand. The average carcass weight, carcass backfat thickness, carcass rate, AB grade ratio, lean meat yield were 84.78±0.33kg, 20.72±0.237mm, 76.25±0.208%, 85.7% and 44.30±0.158%, respectively. The average weights of real retail cut were 10.32±0.062kg belly, 4.17±0.025kg boston butt, 3.88±0.022kg rib, 8.40±0.040kg picnic, 15.15±0.081kg ham, 6.44±0.043kg loin and 0.94±0.006kg tender loin. In comparisons of carcass traits among cross types, carcass weights and backfat thicknesses of YL(♀)×B(♂), YL(♀)×BD(♂) and YL(♀)×D(♂) were 85.73±0.516kg, 82.69±0.788kg and 84.79±0.603kg, respectively and 22.09±0.356mm, 20.33±0.543mm and 19.58±0.415mm, respectively. The YL(♀)×B(♂) cross showed the highest carcass weight and backfat thickness. The ratio of AB grade were 0.83±0.030% in YL(♀)×B(♂), 0.97±0.046% in YL(♀)×BD(♂) and 0.83±0.035% in YL(♀)×D(♂), and the YL(♀)×BD(♂) was higher than other two crosses. Weights of belly were 10.28±0.092kg in YL(♀)×B(♂), 10.59±0.133kg in YL(♀)×BD(♂) and 10.25±0.107kg in YL(♀)×D(♂). Consequently, the YL(♀)×BD(♂) cross showed the highest yield. In conclusion, there was no difference in carcass yield of commercial pigs derived from BD (F1) terminal sires with those from D terminal sires. However, weight of belly and AB grade ratio from BD (F1) terminal sires are higher than two others. Therefore, BD (F1) sire could be utilized as terminal one and contribute better profit for the pig industry.


Carcass traits;Real retail cut yield;Berkshire;AB grade;Terminal Sire


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