Analysis of Korea Science Academy and Min Jok Leadership Academy Students's Leisure Activity Actual Condition

한국과학영재학교와 민족사관고 학생의 여가활동실태 분석

  • Published : 2007.03.28


The purpose of this study was to analyse the actual condition of leisure activity in the case of Korea Science Academy students(KSA) and Min Jok Leadership Academy(MLA) students. The participants consisted of KSA students(male:122, female:44) and MLA students(male:71, female:113) with voluntary consent. 1) KSA and MLA's male students showed the highest ratio for participation in the sports, KSA's female students in the taste-culture activity and MLA's female students in the sight-seeing. 2) Mental stress treatment showed the highest ratio in the response to the question asking the principal straight motive of leisure activity, and $75\sim80%$ students considered the leisure activity as an important means to maintain health and physical fitness. 3) The students's 30% answered that they participate by themselves, and KSA male's 51% and female's 40%, MLA male's 40% and female's 48% participated in leisure. Activity planlessly. 4) In weekdays, KSA's male students enjoyed mostly the sport for leisure activity, but taste-culture activity showed the bighest ratio in the case of MLA students and KSA female students. 5)The mae students, 38% of KSA and 54% students of MLA did not play computer game at al in weekdays, and 70% of the female students in total did not play computer game. KSA's male students spent more time in playing computer game than MLA's male students did 6) The biggest reason for being unable to participate in the leisure activity was the insuficiency of time due to homework or studying for quiz. The laziness also showed high po-centage of $19\sim25%$ varying between the groups.


Korea Science Academy;Leisure Activity Actual Condition

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