Design and Evaluation of a Rough Set Based Anomaly Detection Scheme Considering the Age of User Profiles

  • Bae, Ihn-Han (School of Computer and Information Eng., Catholic University of Daegu)
  • Published : 2007.12.30


The rapid proliferation of wireless networks and mobile computing applications has changed the landscape of network security. Anomaly detection is a pattern recognition task whose goal is to report the occurrence of abnormal or unknown behavior in a given system being monitored. This paper presents an efficient rough set based anomaly detection method that can effectively identify a group of especially harmful internal attackers - masqueraders in cellular mobile networks. Our scheme uses the trace data of wireless application layer by a user as feature value. Based on this, the used pattern of a mobile's user can be captured by rough sets, and the abnormal behavior of the mobile can be also detected effectively by applying a roughness membership function with the age of the user profile. The performance of the proposed scheme is evaluated by using a simulation. Simulation results demonstrate that the anomalies are well detected by the proposed scheme that considers the age of user profiles.