A Study on the Contents Development Process for Successful Market Entrance

  • Jung, Jai-Jin (Department of Digital Culture & Contents, Dong-Eui Univ.)
  • Published : 2007.12.30


Contents industry is growing into a versatile area whose contents can be embodied through not only traditional media such as theater and TV, but also new ones such as the internet, mobile unit, PDA, DMP, etc. In addition, highly advanced computer technology and contents are harmoniously combined for image development featuring multi-channels, which produces various contents, and thus, creating synergy effects with other key industries such as IT, strengthens the domestic economy as an industry of value expansion and new high value items. To this end, this study is to present development plans that are highly productive and valued to domestic contents development companies. For this, the focus was put on the fact that concurrent engineering, which is the mechanism bringing very beneficial effects to existing analog product development processes, and the team system have significant, positive effect on the company productiveness and competitive market values among digital contents related companies, especially contents businesses.