Research on the Visualization of Music and Hypermediacy in Paik Nam-June's Video Art

  • Song, Man-Yong (Dept. of Visual Design, Dong-Seo University) ;
  • Kim, Chee-Yong (College of Visual Image & Infor. Tech., Dept. of Visual information Engi., Dong-Eui University)
  • Published : 2007.12.30


Paik Nam-June is known as a Video Artist. Video is a presentation tool with the feature of recordability. However, it is not only a video which has been applied as an art presentation tool by him. Nevertheless, the existing researches fail to notice the aesthetic concept which is shown as the rest contents or forms, as they focus on the media features of Paik Nam-June's video. Therefore, this article aims at contemplating the art world of Paik Nam-June with its contents as 'visualization of music' and its form as 'hypermediacy' Therefore, 1. Sound is shown as the visualization of music, with the direct influence of absolute hollowness and noise of John Cage, originated from Zen Buddhism, while the foundation of it is known to be from the liberation of dissonance of Arnold Schoenberg and creative impromptu of shamanic sound. 2. The from of TVs influence of the orchestra, originated from Culture of a dining table in Korean. and indicated hypermediacy 3. Paik Nam-June indicated 'Text-interpretation' us to text analytics of 'how to read', rather than the question of 'what to tell' by intermedia as the visualization of music & hypermediacy.