Complexity Reduction Algorithm of Speech Coder(EVRC) for CDMA Digital Cellular System

  • Published : 2007.12.30


The standard of evaluating function of speech coder for mobile telecommunication can be shown in channel capacity, noise immunity, encryption, complexity and encoding delay largely. This study is an algorithm to reduce complexity applying to CDMA(Code Division Multiple Access) mobile telecommunication system, which has a benefit of keeping the existing advantage of telecommunication quality and low transmission rate. This paper has an objective to reduce the computing complexity by controlling the frequency band nonuniform during the changing process of LSP(Line Spectrum Pairs) parameters from LPC(Line Predictive Coding) coefficients used for EVRC(Enhanced Variable-Rate Coder, IS-127) speech coders. Its experimental result showed that when comparing the speech coder applied by the proposed algorithm with the existing EVRC speech coder, it's decreased by 45% at average. Also, the values of LSP parameters, Synthetic speech signal and Spectrogram test result were obtained same as the existing method.