Development of Evaluation Criteria For Game-style Courseware Based on HCI

HCI 이론을 적용한 게임형 학습 프로그램 평가 준거 개발

  • Published : 2007.06.30


The purpose of this study is to develope a criterion for evaluation on game-style courseware by the application of HCI theory. The HCI theory, which deals with principles or methods for developing systems people can use conveniently and pleasantly, has been applied to overall area of program development. And it also has been widely used to evaluate learning programs. However, there have been few studies on a game-style courseware evaluation on the basis of the HCI theory. Thus, it is necessary to apply the HCI theory to studies on the game-style courseware evaluation. This paper shows that evaluation criteria are developed on three viewpoint bases : usefulness, usability, and affect which are as elements in HCI. The evaluation criteria developed in this paper can be applied to a basis for evaluation on game-style coursewares.