Clinical Nurses' Interpretation of the Experiences of Breast Cancer Women after Breast Conservative Operation

유방암 여성의 유방보존술 후 경험에 대한 임상 간호사의 인지

  • Published : 2007.12.31


Purpose: Even though the breast is not removed, women with a breast conservative operation(BCO) are suffering from the psychosocial distress comparable with mastectomies. The purpose of this study was to identify how clinical nurses view essential nursing problems and nursing approaches to post operative breast cancer experiences. Method: To identify the clinical nurses's interpretation, they were asked to respond to a case involving a woman struggling with breast cancer. The nurses' responses were analyzed using a manifest content analysis strategy to determine themes in problem identification and nursing care strategies. Result: The clinical nurses recognized that most of the patient's experiences originated from a psycho-social problem. Fifteen nurses(83%) interpreted the breast cancer woman's experience derived from her psychosocial problem. They identified the most effective nursing approaches for breast cancer women following surgery as counseling and providing information. Conclusion: In conclusion, the results revealed that a psychosocial skill including an empathic communication skill is essential for excellent nursing in post operative patient care.