A Dual-Servo Type VCM for a Nano-Level Measurement System

  • Yoo, Yong-Min (Compressor R&D group, Compressor team, Samsung Gwangju Electronics) ;
  • Kwon, Byung-Il (Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Hanyang University)
  • Published : 2007.03.01


In this paper, a dual-servo type VCM (Voice Coil Motor) for the measuring of nano-level displacement and small thrust is proposed and developed. The shape of VCM for improving the resolution of displacement and ensuring a large displacement are presented. The FEM (finite element method) is utilized to analyze the characteristics of VCM that produces linear driving thrust and satisfies the thrust that the measurement system requires. The Prototype is fabricated and an experiment is performed in order to measure displacement. As a result of simulation and testing, the proposed VCM shows the applicable possibility for a nano-level measurement system.


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