Northeast Asia Interconnection, and Power Flow Analysis Considering Seasonal Load Patterns

  • Published : 2007.03.01


This paper presents the effects of an increase or a decrease of a power reserve by load flow calculations under the seasonal load patterns of each country for the future power shortages faced by the metropolitan areas or by the southeastern area of South Korea in North-East Asia. In this paper, the various cases of the power system interconnections in Far-East Asia are presented, and the resulting interconnected power systems are simulated by means of a power flow analysis performed with the PSS/E 28 version tool. Data for simulation were obtained from the 2-th long term plan of electricity supply and demand in KEPCO. The power flow map is drawn from simulated data and the comparative study is done. In the future, a power flow analysis will be considered to reflect the effects of seasonal power exchanges. And the plan of assumed scenarios will be considered with maximum or minimum power exchanges during summer or winter in North-East Asian countries.


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