A Study of Enhanced Test Maturity Model with Test Process Improvement

테스트 프로세스 개선모델을 통한 테스트 성숙도 모델 (Test Maturity Model) 확장에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2007.02.28


Organizations of Software development are very important issue on enhancement of a software quality as rapid progress of software industry. Especially there are diverse attempts for enhancement of test maturity of the software organization through some kinds of the test maturity model. But the current test maturity models based on CMM(Capability Maturity Model) lack part of actual testing measurement and only measure level of test maturity. To solve these problems, we suggest 'double V-model' to execute both software development process and test process simultaneously, and also 'test attributes to Maturity Levels Correlation Matrix' for evaluating level of test maturity included with definitions of test attribute and level. That is, we enhance TMM(Test Maturity Model) adopted with 'Improvement Suggestion' of TPI(Test Process Improvement) which is easy the evaluation of test maturity of organization and gives the direction of improvement to level up the test maturity for the measured organization. As a result, we will contribute to level up the test maturity of the organization.


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