DdeI Polymorphism in Coding Region of Goat POU1F1 Gene and Its Association with Production Traits

  • Lan, X.Y. ;
  • Pan, C.Y. ;
  • Chen, H. ;
  • Lei, C.Z. ;
  • Hua, L.S. ;
  • Yang, X.B. ;
  • Qiu, G.Y. ;
  • Zhang, R.F. ;
  • Lun, Y.Z.
  • Received : 2006.08.01
  • Accepted : 2007.04.07
  • Published : 2007.09.01


POU1F1 is a positive regulator for GH, PRL and TSH${\beta}$ and its mutations associate with production traits in ruminant animals. We described a DdeI PCR-RFLP method for detecting a silent allele in the goat POU1F1 gene: TCT (241Ser)>TCG (241Ser). Frequencies of $D_1$ allele varied from 0.600 to 1.000 in Chinese 801 goats. Significant associations of DdeI polymorphism with production traits were found in milk yield (*p<0.05), litter size (*p<0.05) and one-year-old weight (*p<0.05) between different genotypes. Individuals with genotype $D_1D_1$ had a superior performances when compared to those with genotype $D_1D_2$ (*p<0.05). Hence, the POU1F1 gene was suggested to the potential candidate gene for superior milk performance, reproduction trait and weight trait. Genotype $D_1D_1$, characterized by a DdeI PCR-RFLP detection, was recommended to geneticists and breeders as a molecular marker for better performance in the goat industry.


Goat;POU1F1 Gene;Polymorphism;Association


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Supported by : NSFC, Natural Science Foundation of Shaanxi province