International Marketing Strategies for Chungbuk's U-Health Industry

충북 u-Health 산업의 국제적 마케팅전략 연구

  • Published : 2007.12.31


Recently, various industries have appeared which are applied ubiquitous technology. Particularly, health and medical fields, have been focused as future's industry, have been combined with ubiquitous system. This is what we called' u-Health industry. Korean government has encouraged local governments to develop specialized high value-added industries along each local's circumstance. According to the policy, I had an assumption that u-Health industry is Chungbuk province's specialized high value-added industry and studied marketing strategy for the point of penetration into markets. I presented STP strategy for international markets. This strategy referred to developed countries' aging index and based on Modigliani's life cycle hypothesis. Finally, considering none of u-Health has been released, I presented strategies of marketing mix to be utilized when u-Health items march into the markets.


STP(Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning);Aging Index;Life Cycle Hypothesis;Marketing Mix