A Study on the Management Output Creation Stages of ERP System

ERP시스템의 경영성과 창출단계 연구

  • Published : 2007.12.31


For the latest 10 years, many companies have introduced the ERP system competitively. There have been many evaluations of the system, but most of them have made general evaluation and few of them studied output creation. The output of the introduction of the ERP system cannot be uniform, and the stages of output creation also vary. Accordingly, the present study purposed to examine when the management output of the ERP system is created in Korean companies that adopted the ERP system in order to predict the management output of such companies and to provide opportunities to change ERP operation methodology. Balanced scorecard was used as an indicator to measure the outcome of ERP. In addition, we conducted correlation analysis for determining the correlation between ERP system activation factors and management output, and performed frequency analysis to examine the stages of management output creation according to the stage of ERP system.


ERP System;Management Output;Balanced Scorecard;Change Management;Creation Stage