A Sociological Analysis on Contents of Gender Role in the "Educational Active Program Guidance books in Preschools"

"유치원교육활동지도자료"의 성역할 내용에 대한 사회학적 분석

  • Published : 2007.12.31


This study deals with the contents of gender role, using the method of content analysis inquiring total of 40 volumes of the $3rd{\sim}6th$ $\ulcorner$Educational Active Program Guidance Book in Preschools$\lrcorner$ (EAPGP). A lower analysis conviction of gender role was sex division of labor and occupation assortment of the man and woman who gave it and was going to analyze expression for it. The purpose of this study was to make a searching the contents of a gender role in the $3rd{\sim}6th$ EAPGP in Preschools, to offer basics document to the 7th EAPGP. The issues of this study were follows: First, how gender division of labor of man and woman was expressed in EAPGP; Second, how much an occupation of man and woman was expressed in EAPGP; Third, How contents of gender role have been changed in EAPGP. The major findings in this study could be summarized as follows: First, males are described as formal workers and females are mostly seen as housekeepers; second, jobs of males are diversified than those of females; third, gender role discrimination which gives the clues to segregate two sexes tends to be greatly reduced in the 6th EAPGP than in the 3rd, the 4th, and the 5th EAPGP.


gender role;gender socialization;gender identity