Panorama Image Construction Method By Automatic Shot

자동 촬영에 의한 파노라마 영상 생성 방법

  • 김태우 (한양사이버대학교 정보통신공학과)
  • Published : 2007.12.31


In this paper, automatic shot panorama construction method is presented. For construction of panorama image, conventional panoramic techniques manually took two panorama members, but the proposed method automatically takes panorama members according to moving camera and constructs panorama image. The panorama members are automatically selected and taken by tracking region over image stream form camera. Matching region for panorama including the tracking region in the members is selected and applied by invariant feature panoramic method. Our method can automatically shot panorama members and has merit of high processing speed. In the experiments, it was shown that the algorithm required about 0.89 second in processing time, about two times shorter than existing invariant feature based one(6), for color images of $320{\times}240$ size.


panoram member;panoramic image;panorama by automatic shot;feature-based method