A Study of Gate Control System Using RFID

RFID를 이용한 출입문 제어 시스템 연구

  • Published : 2007.12.31


The RFID Technology (which is importantly used at the Ubiquitous environment) is attached to all of the units like the ID cards and then information on the units and units' environment is transferred and processed through the radio frequency. so it is the no touched recognition system. RFID Technology's research of the middle ware and wireless interface etc. is currently conducted and variously broaden like the industry of the distribution and logistics. This paper suggests that the gate control system which is based on RFID middle ware is realized to prevent the district and facility for security. The indication of this paper is that algorithm (which is to certificate Users' enterance through RFID EPC code) is proposed and realizes the user certification module, the control module of the gates' opening and closing, the maintenance module of the gate, the display module of coming and going information, test program ect. through RFID technology.