Design and Implementation of Monitoring Solution for Improving Productivity

생산성 향상을 위한 모니터링 솔루션 설계 및 구현

  • 임재현 (공주대학교 컴퓨터공학부) ;
  • 공헌택 (공주대학교 컴퓨터공학부)
  • Published : 2007.12.31


Today, domestic and foreign manufacturing industries have to cope with obsolescence of manufacturing equipment because the shifting market trends drive the rapid changes in the production process resulting in stressful operation. Quality control process for manufacturing and production involves a familiar step - when the production process is completed, every item is subjected to various routine tests to determine that it meets the minimum quality standards. Typically, when a faulty product is found, the production line has to be stopped and the current batch is marked for further inspected and exhaustive testing. In this research, we propose a quality monitoring system for productivity enhancement. Our approach aims to reduces the operational down time in the production line of a car-component factory. The proposed monitoring system for productivity enhancement is designed to collect the data through testing at each phase of the assembly line and uses predictive methods on the collected data to achieve early detection of faults in the production process and minimize the number of products in a faulty batch thus minimizing the losses incurred from defective products. More importantly, this system aims to forecast and proactively detect faults and activate warnings when they are detected thus minimizing items in the defective batch, reducing the damage to manufacturing equipment and ultimately reducing the operational downtime or the delay in the resumption of normal factory operation.