Throughput analysis of DCF protocol for packet applied to the nonmarkov process in the wireless LAN

비 마르코프 과정을 적용한 무선 LAN의 DCF 패킷 처리율 분석

  • 하은실 (남서울대학교 정보통신과)
  • Published : 2007.12.31


This paper analyzes the throughput of DCF protocol at the MAC layer in the 802.11a wireless LAN. The throughput of DCF protocol is related on probability of backoff, depends on retransmission of each terminal. This paper applied to nonmarcov discrete model for each terminal BER in the base station versus the packet throughput is progressing with the data rate of 6,12,24,54 Mbps, We find the fact that the less the data rate be the higher the throughput. We also find from the throughput calculation by means of traffic intensity in OFDM wireless LAN.