Design of Tension Control System in a Textile Process based on Microprocessor

마이크로프로세서를 기반으로 한 섬유공정에서의 장력제어 시스템 설계

  • 여희주 (대진대학교 전자공학과)
  • Published : 2007.12.31


Up to now, various continuous-processing systems are used in many industrial applications such as textile machines, paper-making machines, printing machines, and so on. In these applications, the tension forced on the products in the control volume can be changed according to the velocity difference between the feeding roll and the delivery roll. Specially, the tension variation generated by the velocity difference, or the inertial effect can decreases the quality of the products in the textile process. In this paper, the tension control problem in a circular knitting machine system is treated to cope with these problems. Firstly, the tension relationship in the winding mechanism of general continuous-processing systems is modeled. Next, to effectively drive the feeding and delivery rolls in the circular knitting machine system, a new tension control method is presented by considering the inertia compensation and the velocity difference between the feeding roll and the delivery roll. Through the experimental works, it is shown that the proposed tension control method can be used to improve the performance of tension control in the control volume of the given circular knitting machine system.


Circular Knitting Machine;Tension Control;Winding Mechanism