Performance and Heat transfer Characteristics of Louver Fin-tube Heat Exchanger for Simultaneous Cooling/Heating Heat Pump

동시 냉난방 히트펌프용 루버핀-관 열교환기 성능 및 전열특성 실험연구

  • Published : 2007.12.31


An experimental study has been performed to investigate the performance and heat transfer characteristics of the heat exchanger for simultaneous cooling/heating heat pump. The heat transfer performance was measured using an air-enthalpy calorimeter and a constant temperature water bath, to obtain the performance evaluation and analysis of a fined tube heat exchanger. Six finned tube heat exchangers with louver fin were tested under a heating condition. Air-side heat transfer and friction were presented in terms of j-factor and f-factor. The heat transfer coefficient increased with decreasing the fin pitch, j-factor and f-factor on the fin pitch and the number of tube rows decreased with increasing Reair.


Louver fin;Heat exchange;Simultaneous cooling/heating;Heat pump