Temperature characteristics of condenser and evaporator of Air-conditioner applying variable capacity compressor under cooling condition

가변용량 압축기를 적용한 에어컨의 냉방운전 시 응축 및 증발온도 특성

  • Published : 2007.12.31


In order to investigate the cooling capacity of an air-conditioner applying a variable capacity compressor and the temperature characteristics on a condenser and an evaporator, the experiment on the operation characteristics of the air-conditioner was performed along a compressor operation ratio and an indoor/outdoor temperatures, under a cooling operation mode. The system characteristics were measured by the psychrometric calorimeter. The cooling capacity increased with decreasing the outdoor temperature and increasing the indoor temperature. Also, it increased with increasing the compressor operation ratio. The temperature of the condenser was more sensitive for the variation of the outdoor temperature and the temperature of the evaporator was more sensitive for the variation of the indoor temperature. The operation characteristics of the cycle used in this present were also analyzed by a pressure-enthalpy chart.


Cooling;Condenser;Evaporator;Variable capacity;Compressor