Assessment Framework for Diagnosis of Administration Innovation in Korean Local Government: Case Study of Y-County

지방자치단체 행정혁신 진단 평가프레임웍: Y군청 탐색적 사례연구

  • 박기호 (호서대학교 디지털비즈니스학부)
  • Published : 2007.12.31


A lot of organizations have been recognized innovative activities as the required process for organizational effectiveness and efficiency in those. Especially, the perceptual scope of innovation indisputability has been extended to the central and local government, and the public organization, which ultimately have the goal of public benefits. This study is to investigate the feasibility of the assessment elements consisting of framework for making a diagnosis of the level of administration innovation of local government. The elements of framework are such seven elements as innovative leadership, innovation vision and strategies, systematic infrastructure, innovative problems, innovation management, education and learning of innovation, and the perceptual level of members. The research results can provide the implications to not only local governments but also the public policy organizations who wish to extract the innovative problems and diagnose the innovation level of themselves.