Fast Booting of Linux Kernel using Dynamic IDE Device Probing Scheme

동적 IDE 장치 검사 기법을 이용한 리눅스 커널의 빠른 부팅

  • 김영주 (신라대학교 컴퓨터정보공학부)
  • Published : 2007.01.28


Most of embedded systems have been developed practically based on the PC platform equipped with Intel x86 CPU since it is able to reduce the total time for product development and improve the reliability of product by making use of a variety of solutions developed for a long time in the PC environment. Also, embedded systems based on PC-platform mainly use a high-capacity hard disk as data storage device for applications intending to store multimedia data. Recently, while the capacity of hard disk is increasing rapidly, the start-up ready time of hard disk is growing longer more than 30 seconds. The lengthened start-up ready time may delay the booting time of embedded system seriously, weighting users down with inconvenience. This paper proposes the refined system architecture and the dynamic IDE device probing method for fast booting of linux kernel in the embedded system based on PC platform with high-capacity hard disks, and the performance of proposed methods is evaluated and presented.


PC Platform;Linux Kernel;Fast Booting;Start-Up Ready Time;Dynamic IDE Device Probing


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