Durability Characteristics of Concrete with Nano Level Ceramic Based Coating

나노합성 세라믹계 도장재를 도포한 콘크리트의 내구성능

  • Published : 2007.10.31


This study performed several tests for the durability of the concrete coated with nano synthesis ceramics which do not contain volatile organic compounds harmful to environment. The tests were adhesion test on dry and humid concrete, SEM test, MIP analysis, carbonation, chloride diffusion by electronic facilitation, freezing-thawing resistance, alkaline resistance, and brine resistance test. In the adhesion test on dry and humid concrete, nano synthesis ceramics coating produced the highest results among all the coatings tested. Nano synthesis ceramics adhered solidly on the concrete surface. The adhesive strength seemed to result from the hydrogen bond between nano synthesis ceramics which are inorganic and generated by hydrolysis and re-condensation reaction and the concrete's hydrates such as calcium silicate aluminate or calcium silicate hydrate. SEM test and MIP analysis results show surface structure with finest crevices pore in the nano synthesis ceramics coating applied concretes. In the carbonation, chloride diffusion, and freezing-thawing resistance tests, the concretes with nano synthesis ceramics coating indicated the best results. Based on these test results, further progress in application of nano synthesis ceramics coatings to various concrete structures including costal structures and sewerage arrangements can be expected.


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