Effects of Organic TMR with Whole Barley Silage on Feed Intake, Nutrient Digestibility and Blood Characteristics in Korean Black Goats

총체 보리사일리지를 첨가한 유기 TMR 급여가 흑염소의 사료섭취량, 영양소 소화율 및 혈액성상에 미치는 영향

  • 김광국 (대구대학교 동물자원학과) ;
  • 황보순 (대구대학교 동물자원학과) ;
  • 조익환 (대구대학교 동물자원학과)
  • Published : 2007.12.31


This trial was carried out to determine effects of TMR(Total Mixed Ration) in comparison to conventional diet on feed intake, digestibility, and nitrogen retention in Korean black goats. Twelve Korean black goats were allotted to treatments in four groups of three goats and the they were housed in separate metabolism cages for 21 days. Treatments included conventional diet(A: rice straw and commercial concentrates) as a control group and three TMR groups(B: rice straw and commercial TMR; C: 30% organic whole barley silage and rice straw with organic grain; D: 60% organic whole barley silage with organic grain). The results obtained are summarized as follows. Dry matter intake, fecal excreta, digestible dry matter, metabolic intake and feed intake of BW were significantly higher(p<0.05) compared with A, B, C treatment. The digestibility for most of nutrients except NFC was significantly higher(p<0.05) for D treatment than the others. On the other hand, the digestibility of NFC was higher for B treatment than for the others, even if it was not significantly different across treatments. Nitrogen intake was lower for D treatment, but the significant differences were not found across treatments. N retention rate was higher for B treatment with significant difference. For the blood composition, HDL cholesterol and Immunoglobulin G were significantly higher(p<0.05) for C, D treatment than the others. The results showed that, in comparison with A treatment(conventional diet) and B treatment(commercial TMR), dry matter intake, nutrient digestibility and N retention rate were not lower in C treatment(30% organic whole barley silage) and HDL cholesterol was increased after experiment. Therefore, it could be concluded that TMR with organic whole barley silage might contribute to the production of a high quality and safer meat in goat production.