Fishing investigation and species composition of the catch caught by a bottom trawl in the Yeo-ja bay, Korea

여자만 저층트롤 어획실태와 종조성

  • Kim, Joo-Il (Fisheries Resource Team, South Sea Fisheries Research Institute, NFRDI) ;
  • Seo, Young-Il (Fisheries Resource Team, South Sea Fisheries Research Institute, NFRDI) ;
  • Lee, Sun-Kil (Fisheries Resource Team, South Sea Fisheries Research Institute, NFRDI) ;
  • Kim, Sung-Tae (Fisheries Resources Research Team, National Fisheries Research and Development Institute) ;
  • Joo, Hyun (Fisheries Resource Team, South Sea Fisheries Research Institute, NFRDI) ;
  • Jang, Sun-Ik (Fisheries Resource Team, South Sea Fisheries Research Institute, NFRDI) ;
  • Oh, Taeg-Yun (Fisheries Resource Team, South Sea Fisheries Research Institute, NFRDI)
  • 김주일 (남해수산연구소 어업자원팀) ;
  • 서영일 (남해수산연구소 어업자원팀) ;
  • 이선길 (남해수산연구소 어업자원팀) ;
  • 김성태 (국립수산과학원 자원연구팀) ;
  • 주현 (남해수산연구소 어업자원팀) ;
  • 장선익 (남해수산연구소 어업자원팀) ;
  • 오택윤 (남해수산연구소 어업자원팀)
  • Published : 2007.11.30


Fishes were caught by a bottom trawl in the Yeo-ja bay of Korea by every three month(March, June, September and December) and seasonal variation of abundance and species composition were studied in 2005. The catches were 1,187kg and were composed of 115 species with 20 hauls by 5 stations. The dominant species caught were Charybdis bimcaulata, Crangon hakodatei, Parapenaeus fissurus, Oratosguilla oratoria, and Thryssa purava. One hundred fifty species were identified as fish(38%), crustacea(20%), mollusca(4%) and others(38%) which including of Asterias amurensis. The amount of species was high in June and September and low in March and December. The diversity index(H') was about 1.2-2.5 and station similarity of fishes caught among the community was 0.009-0.230.


Bottom trawl;Yeo-ja bay;Species composition;Diversity index;Station similarity


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