Evaluation and management of work process in dredger using ECDIS

ECDIS에 의한 준설선의 작업공정 관리 및 평가

  • Lee, Dae-Jae (Division of Marine Production System Management, Pukyong National University)
  • 이대재 (부경대학교 해양생산시스템관리학부)
  • Published : 2007.08.31


This paper describes on the evaluation and management of work process in suction hopper dredger and grab bucket dredger as an application of a PC-based ECDIS system. The dynamic tracking of dredging bucket and the data logging of grab dredging information were performed by using the grab dredging vessel "Kunwoong G-18". The position and route tracking of the dredger moving toward the ocean dumping site of dredged material was performed by using the hopper dredging vessel "Samyang-7". The evaluation of wok process in the dredging field, for grab dredger, was continuously carried out on January to May, 2006, in Incheon Hang and for hopper dredger, on July to December, 2003, in Busan Hang, Korea. The dredging information, such as dredger's position, heading, dredging depth and route track which was individually time stamped during the dredging operation, was automatically processed in real-time on the ECDIS and displayed simultaneously on the S-57 ENC chart. From these results, we conclude that the ECDIS system can be applied as a tool in order to manage the work process during the dredging operation, and also in order to generate the factual record of the dredging activities that is sufficient for dredging inspector to accurately evaluate the contract performance even in the absence of a full-time onboard inspector.


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