Fishing investigation and species composition of the catches caught by a bottom trawl in the deep East Sea

동해 심해 트롤 어획물의 어획 실태와 종조성

  • Park, Hae-Hoon (Fisheries Resources Research Team, East Sea Fisheries Research Institute, NFRDI) ;
  • Jeong, Eui-Cheol (Fisheries Resources Research Team, East Sea Fisheries Research Institute, NFRDI) ;
  • Bae, Bong-Seong (Fisheries Resources Research Team, East Sea Fisheries Research Institute, NFRDI) ;
  • Yang, Yong-Su (Fisheries Engineering Team, NFRDI) ;
  • Hwang, Seon-Jae (Distant Water Fisheries Resources Team, NFRDI) ;
  • Park, Jong-Hwa (Fisheries Resources Research Team, NFRDI) ;
  • Kim, Yeong-Sub (Fisheries Resources Research Team, East Sea Fisheries Research Institute, NFRDI) ;
  • Lee, Sung-Il (Fisheries Resources Research Team, East Sea Fisheries Research Institute, NFRDI) ;
  • Choi, Soo-Ha (Kangnung National University)
  • 박해훈 (국립수산과학원 동해수산연구소 어업자원팀) ;
  • 정의철 (국립수산과학원 동해수산연구소 어업자원팀) ;
  • 배봉성 (국립수산과학원 동해수산연구소 어업자원팀) ;
  • 양용수 (국립수산과학원 수산공학팀) ;
  • 황선재 (국립수산과학원 해외자원팀) ;
  • 박종화 (국립수산과학원 자원연구팀) ;
  • 김영섭 (국립수산과학원 동해수산연구소 어업자원팀) ;
  • 이성일 (국립수산과학원 동해수산연구소 어업자원팀) ;
  • 최수하 (강릉대학교)
  • Published : 2007.08.31


The investigation for the species composition and catch in the deep East Sea was carried out with commercial trawlers from 2004 to 2006. The catches were 6,043kg and were composed of 43 species with 34 hauls between 250m and 1,030m in depth. The principal species caught were Allolepis hollandi, red crab (Chionoecetes japonicus), Careproctus rastrinus, Argis lar, Chionoecetes opilio, Malacocottus gibber, Petroschmidtia toyamensis, Pandalus eous Makarov, and Dasycottus setiger. The rate of discarded catches in situ was about 50%. The diversity indexes of 2005 and 2006 were 1.152 and 0.878, respectively, and the evenness indexes at those years were 0.752 and 0.583, respectively, which implied one dominant species caught in 2006.


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