Service Identification for Service Science

서비스 사이언스를 위한 서비스의 식별

  • Published : 2007.12.31


Currently, the world has experienced a mass exodus of workforce from the manufacturing industry to service related industry. In addition, the changes of industry structure toward service industry have been gradually accelerated. We have felt that it is time to conduct researches about IT service systematizing and discovering the essence of service itself with scientific and synthetic ways based on Service Science. For Service Science researchers, service identification is regarded as a difficult activity when they contact it for the first time and they want to apply it real environment. In reality, there exist mismatches between business and IT service to identify service since service is identified from the business point of view in Service Science area and it is identified from the technical point of view in IT service area. In this paper, we have conducted researches about service identification placed on the first priority and regarded as difficult area in service-oriented business area. To lessen aforementioned difficulties, we propose procedures and methods for extracting and identifying service in the viewpoint of business process. We conducted case study and comparison with existing researches to verify the applicability and the excellence of our proposal.


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