Neutron Flux Evaluation on the Reactor Pressure Vessel by Using Neural Network

인공신경 회로망을 이용한 압력용기 중성자 조사취화 평가

  • Published : 2007.12.30


A neural network model to evaluate the neutron exposure on the reactor pressure vessel inner diameter was developed. By using the three dimensional synthesis method described in Regulatory Guide 1.190, a simple linear equation to calculate the neutron spectrum on the reactor pressure vessel was constructed. This model can be used in a quick estimation of fast neutron flux which is the most important parameter in the assessment of embrittlement of reactor pressure vessel. This model also used in the selection of an optimum core loading pattern without the neutron transport calculation. The maximum relative error of this model was less than 3.4% compared to the transport calculation for the calculations from cycle 1 to cycle 23 of Kori unit 1.


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